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Twoots - The Way Out of the Stars

Twoots is a project of a animated graphic novel under development.

Storyline - Road of Life

ZalphorZalphor is intended to be the main character of this graphic novel. Not much is known about him since he has no memory of his past. The story of Twoots will follow him through his path of self discovery, while he travels different lands in a tormented world.

MariMari is one of Zalphor's new closes friend that he meets during his travels. She is kind hearted and full of good intentions, unfortunately things don't always go as she likes cause of her inability to see the big picture.

MaverickMaverick also meets Zalphor during his travels and befriends him. His light hearted attitude and his charm, bring Zalphor and Mari great comfort during their travels on the tormented world they live in.

Storyline - The Long Road to the Void

The Empire A mysterious group of unknown origin that took over the world. With its technological might and military prowess, no nation dared to oppose it and submitted peacefully to its rule.

Supreme Council Every nation that has join the empire is now ruled by the Supreme Council with their specific leaders as representatives in it. Decisions are determined by a two-third majority vote by the assigned leaders of each country, with the population of each country determining their voting percentage.
All nations that decided to keep their independence have done so but even if their laws and ruling isn't supervised by the Supreme council they still have to follow Imperial law but without the advantages of being part of the empire. They may have armed forces and attack each other but non dare even think of attacking any member of the empire.

Court of Aldermen The Supreme Council’s decisions are overseen by the Court of Aldermen that report directly and are overseen by the Royal House and the Emperor.

Order, Peace and Security Countries that joined the empire don't have armed forces or need them, order and peace are maintained by the Imperial Army(Country and Imperial security), Imperial Guard (The police that apply the Imperial law and the law of the country its station in.) and Imperial Civic Services(all civic services of every country is maintained by the empire). Who report directly to the Supreme Council but overall The Emperor. Any citizen may join one of this services but losing his citizenship only regaining it after retirement from service with the option of choice of country (no country may deny this choice by Imperial law), mandatory service is of 5 years and once retired one may not return.


Creative to the bonez can be contacted on joao.marques.pires.silva [ @ ]