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Trinity - Chapter One

Trinity takes place in Japan in the year 2042. The Country is filled with strange monoliths that erupted from the ground, as a result of the activation of the Japanese adaptation of the cold fusion reactor, 10 years ago. Since then not only has the country recovered from the disaster but it has even prospered and flourished into a new empire thanks to the energy provided by the cursed reactor and the companies that built it.

Sophie Williams is a young America journalist, that was investigating one of the largest companies in Japan, Leviathan, which has insinuated itself into every aspect of contemporary life and casts a shadow over everything in the country, monitoring and recording every persons' movement. In this investigation she stumbles upon some information that compromises future plans of the company. Knowing that it's only a matter of time before the company finds out and goes after her, her fiance, a young man named Andrew Wyatt, during one of the many public manifestations that have been happening because of the excessive amount of power and the lack of ethics the companies have had, rushes into the company's headquarters to retrieve the data that can help him keep Sophie safe.

Andrew manages to somehow get the data but gets caught in the process, barely escaping from the heavily armed soldiers of the company.

This is how the story starts, with a young couple of fugitives trying to survive in a rapidly converging world controlled by large corporations, in a country where people are starting to riot against the corporations hold.

Japan The narrative of "Trinity" takes place in Japan , who recently recovered from a disaster that devastated the country and happened as a result of activation of the Japanese adaptation of cold nuclear fusion reactor . The country is full of strange monoliths that erupted from the earth. Although the country prospering and growing due to the energy that the reactor provides to big cities where huge companies are located, much of the country is still in ruins full of orphans, poverty and misery and having lost of its most precious history.

Andrew Wyatt Andrew Wyatt is the first half of the protagonist couple of "Trinity", along with Sophie Williams. Andrew is pessimistic and introverted side of the couple.
Characterized physically as a mysterious character with a long face, fauxhawk hair and gray eyes. His reserved personality is regarded by some as a sign of coldness and disdain. But behind it lies a sentimental person, who cares about those around him, with a great sense of honor and justice.
Born in St. Louis, Missouri, where he spent his childhood with his twin sister, Joann, his parents and Sophie, who was welcomed by his family after losing her parents in the great catastrophe that followed the activation of the American nuclear cold-fusion reactor.
Andrew throughout the story always presents himself as an enigmatic element, very little of him is known throughout the narrative. Loaded with the terrible burden of knowing the true face of humanity, he has seen the world for what it is, where everyone tries to climb at the expense of his neighbor for a fleeting and insignificant moment of pleasure, to continue this pathetic life for one more day, a minute or even for just a second. But one thing is constant in him, the fact that he always tries to protect Sophie at all costs, because in all this she represents the innocence he has long lost.
When he was young, despite being carefree, cheerful and sometimes a little immature, he believed he should use his skills to help and for the benefit of others, but with time and with starting to know the world, he began to change and become much more serious and pessimistic.

Sophie Williams Sophie Williams is the second half of the protagonist couple of "Trinity", along with Andrew Wyatt. Sophie is the opposite of Andrew being optimistic and outgoing.
Sophie has lean and athletic appearance, with a round face, dark eyes and long hair with a modern cut, highlighting the simple piercing that she has in her lower lip. Shown to be an independent woman with a wild spirit, portrayed as optimist by nature, warm and generous person, concerned with the why of things.
Born in Chicago, known as "The Windy City". Was orphaned at an early age when her parents died in the great catastrophe that followed the activation of the North American nuclear cold-fusion reactor. After that she was welcomed into Andrew's family, where she developed a great friendship for him and his sister, later falling in love with him. Although already knowing him for many years he still remains a mystery to her. Despite worrying about him, she learned that in his case it is best not to succumb to her curiosity and that over time, little by little, she will understand his mysteries.
Sophie is a young freelance journalist who has always been driven by her curiosity and desire to know the why of things. It was this curiosity that led the young couple to Japan, where they found themselves trapped after the country declared martial law.

"The Ronin Rebels" The Ronin Rebels are a group formed to oppose the growing power of large companies that dominate Japan. The group consists of former veterans of the Japan Self -Defense Forces (JSDF), discontented citizens and orphans of the great catastrophe.
The group's name is a reference to the ancient times of the samurai, using the title of ronin, since they see themselves as samurai without a master, this because, they consider Japan as their master, the latter have been killed by large companies , leaving them with the duty to avenge it.


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