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This is an illustration of a Suicide Girl "Discordia Suicide" and her favorite game Diablo mixed together, made out to be printed on shirts.
In this print Discordia is used as base and themed with Diablo clothes and background. This came up with my interest in the tattoo world and the gaming world. While researching about the tattoo world out a friend of mine showed me Discordia and her interest in gaming and proposed I made a print out of this for him.
After finishing the print I also decide to make an illustration of her in normal clothing and a wallpaper out of it.

Discordia's Diablo Print with different background colors.

Who is Discordia?

Discordia is a 26-year-0ld Suicide Girl from Lisbon, Portugal who says she’s a dreamer and a teaser. The latter can be clearly seen.
Spark in the dark. Dreamer. Hopeless romantic. Succubus. Bipolar. Animal lover. Curious. Satan's lover/bride. Dacnomanic. Horror lover. Graveyard Queen.

Night Life Discrodia Wallpaper.


Creative to the bonez can be contacted on joao.marques.pires.silva [ @ ]